The committee of the Broughton Choral Society has spent some time considering the possibility of meeting to sing this autumn. Sadly we have come to the conclusion that the restrictions currently in place make the choir unviable for the immediate future. We will not therefore be meeting to rehearse as normal at the beginning of September. We will keep this under review and as soon as we are able to meet and sing we will do so. Specifically, nearer Christmas, we will consider some sort of scratch Christmas concert, indoors if it is allowed, or outdoors if not. If it is outdoors we would attempt to create a festive atmosphere for the village with a tree, lights, and a great deal of Covid-beating mulled wine. The date we have in mind is Saturday 12th December, when we would have expected our Christmas Concert to be.


Prospective members please seeĀ

Thanks to everyone who made our last Christmas Concert a memorable and enjoyable evening.


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